Interior Trends

It’s time to examine the trends that will rule the interior design industry in the upcoming year. Getting a head start on the trends will help you prepare for the future, whether you’re planning ahead or just curious about what’s next.

1. Decorative Ceilings
No matter what size or type of space you have, a painted ceiling that is the same colour as the walls can assist to soften the room’s edges and create a snug cocooning feeling or a more dramatic effect.
The newest trend, “colour drenching,” as it is known as in Homes and Garden, changes both large and tiny spaces. It is the act of picking a single colour and applying it to several surfaces in a single area. You’ll be astounded by the strikingly original and utterly contemporary outcome that this approach produces.
2. Repairing neutrals
In 2024, softer hues and neutrals will be popular. As its colour of the year for 2023, Dulux has selected the upbeat, luminous shade Wild WonderTM, which was inspired by the natural world.The warmer neutral tones of beige, tan, and brown will remain popular, but grey will experience a comeback this year. Darker greys with additional accents that give rooms depth will be popular, as shown in this room with its matte walls and plush velvet seats.
3. Calming blues
Pale blue is another hue thought to be making a comeback this year since it gives rooms a feeling of being new, light, and hopeful. Although calm blues have been around for a while, their popularity is still growing. Wherever it is applied, this serene, pastel tone gives off an airy, uplifting vibe that harmonises beautifully with the colour grey.
4. Greens
Tones of green are one of the most apparent choices for interior design trends in 2023 and 2024 since they have the strongest relationship with nature. It is the ideal colour to recreate the mood-enhancing effects of being outside while bringing nature indoors. Green provides visual comfort because it is a neutral shade. You can’t help but feel serene and very in tune with nature when paired with the natural tones and houseplants.
5. Copper Components
When it comes to fixtures and hardware, matte black and brass finishes are not new. But this year, copper will displace the widely used brushed brass, giving kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas a brand-new finish, striking aesthetic, and incredibly contemporary appearance. Be prepared to see this classy colour incorporated into white textured marble tops to create striking statement pieces in the upcoming year.
6. Older furniture
It has always been common practise to utilise furniture with personality to furnish a space so that it appears nice, inhabited, and at ease. However, upcycled projects that use a variety of hue colours to make focal points will become more prevalent this year. You can support the environmental sustainability that is much required by buying these lovely old items online, at furniture fairs, or by searching for antique stores. It is intrinsically reassuring and anchoring to have furniture that is made to last and be a part of us for the rest of our lives.
7. Statement lamps
This theme includes large, opulent pendants and chandeliers, striking wall lamps, and lovely table and floor lights. Not only can the lamps and shades produce the necessary ambiance, calming light, and work light, but they also have the capacity to draw attention to diverse characteristics like artwork, ceiling cornices, and other decorative elements.
8. Minimalism
The leading interior designs for 2023–2024 will be a fusion of minimalist Scandinavian and Japanese styles. Scandinavian designs have been around for a while, but this year, the Japandi (Japanese + Scandinavian) fusion will gain popularity.
Natural materials, light-colored walls, sleek dark wood, Scandinavian light wood, sleek dark wood, and simple, uncomplicated design are all present in this mix.
9. Arches
In the field of interior design, arches and curved lines are constantly in vogue. Arched forms will, nevertheless, once more be prominent in 2024. The trend is being set by headboards in vibrant colours and alcove shelves. These shapes are viewed as a trend in house extension designs as well.

10. Cottagecore
This phrase refers to idyllic rural living that emphasises traditional values, locally grown produce, and handcrafted objects. You only need to consider the untamed flowers, Venetian plaster walls, chalky painted surfaces, and the celebration of flaws. This is a terrific option if you want to design a sustainable lifestyle using aged or vintage items as well as natural colours and features.

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