Wet room trends and inspiration

Wet rooms are increasingly seen to be very stylish while maximising your home’s space. For big families, wet rooms are ideal as they’re easy to clean and maintain. If you’re looking for reasons to invest in a wet room, then you’re in the right place!


The pros and cons


  • Can be tailored for bathrooms of all sizes
  • Saves space by removing trays or unnecessary bath accessories
  • By investing in good quality tiles, your floor will be better protected
  • Easier to clean than a traditional shower


  • Can be a pricey project due to the professionals required
  • The price will also be pushed up by the amount of tiling required
  • Without a good screen, the shower spray can soak the room


Numerous showerheads

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If you want to spend a little extra on your bathroom and feel like splashing the cash, then treat yourself to numerous showerheads. With various showerheads, you can have multiple showers in one creating a spa experience showering under rainfall or using the power fitting to wake you up in those early mornings.


Heating solutions

When planning your wet room, you should consider underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is energy efficient, although the initial cost is high it will save you money over time. Installing a wet room is ideal to help stabilise humidity, evaporate surplus standing water and take the chill off the tiled floor (essential for the upcoming winter months).



Lighting is a crucial part of any room aesthetic, incorporating natural light will help create a calming experience for your bathroom as well as choosing the right artificial light to go with this.

As you can see in this image lofts are an ideal place for natural light because rooftop windows don’t typically need frosting, which allows sunlight to beam through.


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Creative drainage solutions

One of the cons mentioned above was the shower will soak the room, therefore you need a creative drainage system. Spending a little more money on using an effective drainage system offers a centerpiece for your bathroom as well as it being practical.


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